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A place to learn about helping wildlife while their habitat is changing. PS helping them helps us, and fun too!

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WildlifeLandscapes group is for learning and helping wildlife here today and tomorrow.

Woodlands, prairie lands and wetlands have been in rapid decline for decades, and more. The climate is changing very rapidly because of human activity, mainly due to our greenhouse gas emissions.

We need to help wildlife here today survive and be happy. We need to try to save the species of wildlife here now for as long as possible - climate change is not slow enough to let evolution work the magic. The trees, shrubs, prairie grasses and plants here now are needed for today's birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

To people who have been helping wildlife for quite some time already, please join WildlifeLandscapes, share your knowledge with our others members.

Earth's wildlife is in desperate need of our help, and we are responsible for the desperation now and in the rapidly changing future transformation of the world's environment of life.